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June 2017

Bright Blue Gorilla – Concert and Pop Up Movie Screening

Bright Blue Gorilla – Concert and Pop Up Movie Screening

Greetings from Los Angeles Everyone! We love doing house concerts, it’s such a special way to bring the community together and celebrate creativity!

We’re Bright Blue Gorilla: Musicians and Filmmakers. We will tour AUS for the very first time in April/May 2018 and NZ in March 2018.

Check out our music and movie trailer and feel free to email us:



We’ve been traveling the world since 1990, when we quit our L.A. jobs, sold everything we had, bought one-way tickets to Europe and set out to live our dreams!

We’d like to do a concert and pop up movie screening with you. We travel with projector and speakers, so all you need is a screen, popcorn and friends :  )

More about our movie:

Christiane Paul, who stars in our new film, recently won an International Emmy.  Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee is a romantic musical comedy and was shot in Berlin & Italy. 300 artists from 36 countries put their talent into making this film. Bright Blue Gorilla plays the Greek Chorus, so there’s tons of music in the film. The film is in German, Italian & English (with English subtitles) and is family friendly.

Thanks for considering us!

Robyn and Michael

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Bright Blue Gorilla

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New to hosting in WA!

New to hosting in WA!

Hi there!

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  I’m Michele. New to this but keen to help upcoming artists any way I can.  Probably can do an audience of 10+. Have accommodation, and a great private back yard with a closed in conservatory if it’s wet.  I’m new to Perth (Rockingham) and slowly collecting friends who all need to hear live music!  So it may be a bigger group as time goes on.

Anyway. Hope to meet some of you soon.    cheers for now!  Michele