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Deebee Bishop

Since Sep 04, 2018


Deebee Bishop

Location NSW
Genre Acoustic music , folk/blues/country/ acoustic Rock/
Website www.deebee.net.au
Bio Deebee Bishop
Singer Songwriter, piano, guitar.
Entertainer, Story Teller
Give me a live audience to entertain and I’m
as happy as a Corgi on stilts.
Music is my life; I write & perform my own songs & music as well as classic covers.
My passion is songs & songwriters. Songs that make people feel something.
Whether it’s a classic oldie or a newbie, as long as people want to sing along dance
or simply say…
“I remember where I was when I first heard that song”
• Elvis, the Beatles , Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Van Morrison, George Ezra,
David Bowie, Jimmy Web, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Bruce Springsteen,
Bob Dylan, Tom Waits…...
• Folk- Rock, Pop, Soul, Blues, Country & Contemporary Acoustic Rock.
• During the past 30 years. I have performed to audiences of 5 to 5,000
My purpose on stage is to connect and engage with my audience.
• Currently I work as a musician and as a public speaker associated with
Toastmasters International.
I carry the experience of thousands of live performances behind me….
And ahead….Well that’s just exciting!
I am available for:
Venue concerts, House Concerts, Clubs, Café’s, art Galleries,
Functions & corporate functions, Festivals.
* Audio and Video demos, References available.
Call me for a quote 0409 906 712
facebook the acoustic club_
email: d_bee1@bigpond.com
Web: www.deebee.net.au


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