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  • Deebee Bishop posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Just joined HCA
    Beaut stuff well done Michael .
    Bit of a shining light !
    News is… I’m in the studio recording a new album titled RAW.
    Like all us musos I have lots of songs of mine I’ve never recorded.
    So I’m in doing the RAW thing… Acoustic guitar & vocals. Piano & vocals.
    That’s it. Well maybe a little blues cross harp here & there.
    The music is what I call Acoustic Rock. I used to call it PUNK FOLK; but that got me into strife.
    Dylan meets Jimmy Webb maybe a little bit of Mr Squiggle. As you see I am a quirky fella. Wait until you see my show.
    Anyhow..I’ll see you at your place