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Hello from Chicago, IL, USA

Hello from Chicago, IL, USA

I’m a house concert host in the United States of America, so I don’t expect to get to see many of you and even those that I do, only once in a while. We’ve been hosting for over 10 years in various places, currently in Chicago. We typically add new artists only occasionally but if you are touring through Chicago, please get in touch. At the very least, we likely can provide housing and come out to see your show.




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  1. Hi Lee, thanks for the message from Chicago! I’d love to come and play in the states one day, my wife is from SF, CAL and I have family in Chicago as well.. The only thing holding me back is the time to carefully plan such a tour whilst being on Tour full time in AUS 🙂 I could see no one had replied to your message and thought it was best that I at least say HI 🙂 JJ

  2. Hi Lee
    I’d love to come over with guitarist. We have a double bass player lined up in philly. Can you please send me an email and we can talk approx date? Thanks Toni

  3. Hi Lee,
    It’s so wonderful you are hosting house concerts in Chicago! My husband and I are Bright Blue Gorilla: Filmmakers & Musicians from Los Angeles. Hope you enjoy our music and movies on our site: http://www.brightbluegorilla.com
    We’ll let you know if we are coming your way! For now we’ll tour Europe this Fall and AUS/NZ next year : )
    Much Joy!

  4. Sounds great! I want to come tour the states next year. I’ll write again, thank you


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