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Jeremiah Johnson – Tour 2017 – 18

Jeremiah Johnson – Tour 2017 – 18


I currently tour full time in a bus, I am planning another Australian Tour for late 2017/18 from Cairns to Tasmania, Melbourne, Adelaide, Western Australia, Darwin, Alice and places in between. If you are interested in hosting me please have a look at my profile HERE or web-page www.jeremiahjohnson.com.au

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Jeremiah Johnson

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  1. Hi, Ive just signed up as a host. Im in New Brighton 20 clicks north of Byron Bay. Do you head to the shire much?

  2. Hi Ananda, absolutely, I have dates free in Nov, Dec this year if you’d like to private message me we can secure a date for a house concert!

  3. We are grey nomads living in a 40ft bus and travelling Australia. We usually act as camp hosts or caretakers wherever we set up camp. We are currently in WA at Exmouth for a few months on a station as camp hosts. If you are travelling up this way we would love to host a concert

    1. Hi Kate, that sounds great, dates may not work, at best I’d be up at Exmouth July, August 2018 (next year) I am happy to book that far ahead after confirming some other dates a little further south.. Absolutely keen, given that you are still up there! 🙂

  4. Hi Jeremiah, I am new to HCA and really keen to get involved and support musicians. I am in Falcon, just south of Mandurah in WA. If your coming my way give me a hoi. I am on 1 acre and would love to host a concert for you.
    Look forward to hearing from you. I have space for your bus +++
    cheers Be

    1. Hi Be, apology for the delay I will PM you tonight about my details for WA!

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