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Kuranda Riverboat
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Kuranda Riverboat

Since Aug 06, 2017


Kuranda Riverboat

Location QLD
Genre Classical, Blues,Folk, Blues, Acoustic, virtually anything
Suburb Kuranda
In House Piano? none
Can provide accommodation maybe
Additional information The Kuranda Riverboat seats 30 passengers and operates cruises on the Barron River in Kuranda, Far North Queensland. We have previously had 8 Ball Aitken perform on the boat, as well as local Kuranda artists. There is not a great deal of room for equipment but the Barron River is a great venue to perform on.

We also conduct guided rainforest walks in an area that we lease that is only accessible via the Kuranda Riverboat. We have a covered area in the rainforest where we serve tea and cake after the walks and we have room for small concerts also.

Our website is www.kurandariverboat.com.au where you can view our image gallery or take a look at our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/kurandariverboat/ or Instagram.