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Since Aug 19, 2020



Location QLD
Genre Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Acoustic
In House Piano? none
Can provide accommodation yes
Additional information We have two venues. One is for outdoor concerts just near Port Douglas. Artists are on a covered elevated stage area with access to power and water etc. Audience members bring chairs/beanbags and can sit on the large lawn area in front of the stage area. There are no neighbours as it is a rural property. Approx capacity would be 50-70 people. Only really suitable for the Far North winter months.

The second venue is a renovated shire hall in Port Douglas that has been converted into a museum for vintage carnivale and arcade machines. It has a raised stage area, timber floors and walls, toilets and wheelchair access. This venue is suitable to all types of weather.

We can also supply good quality PA gear with lights, cables as well as sound mixing if required.