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Mensch, Monique!
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Mensch, Monique!

Since Sep 04, 2018


Mensch, Monique!

Location Germany
Genre German Indiefolk from Berlin
Website www.menschmonique.de
Bio Mensch, Monique! (press release)
German Indie Folk from Berlin

Mensch, Monique! cruise with compass in search of waves.
Hunt the median strip.
Love a slow waltz down the boulevard.
Get drunk on the storm and the calm before it.
Peer down at the clouds from above and chew gum under water.
Have questions.
Will definitely tidy up their bedrooms tomorrow.
Savour the moments when time dawdles and yet welcome his arrival.
Mensch, Monique! are the joie de vivre of Berlin Kreuzberg Bohemia, life on the land by the lake, and the deep blue sea.
Mensch, Monique! are mostly 2 voices, a guitar and an acoustic bass.
Mensch, Monique!

Here's a different bio:
Mensch, Monique!

German indie folk pop from Berlin

Mensch, Monique! (roughly translateable as “Oh, Monique!”) are Jule (pronounced “You-ler”!) Schroeder (vocals and bass), known to Australian audiences as The Beez´ beloved bassist between 2004 and 2014, and Georg Sassnowski (vocals, guitar and french horn). Although a gifted musician, Georg was also responsible forThe Beez´ wonderful sound on their frequent forays to Australia.

Mensch, Monique! have actually been around since 2007 when they wrote The Beez´ German language hit “Ich Liebe Musik” (“I Love Music”) which became a highlight of Beez shows, a further highlight being Georg's burgeoning surf career in Australia and the subsequent breaking of several ribs whilst engaged in this noble sport.

A lot has happened in the ensuing years; Mensch, Monique! learnt to surf without injury; travelled widely; wrote songs; rehearsed and played whenever the opportunity arose; ate, drank, had babies and bought a modest shack in the North German countryside. The two East Germans (or “Ossies”, as they´re known in Germany) love the Aussies and touring in Australia.

Mensch, Monique´s esprit is an expression of Berlin Kreuzberg Bohemia, life on the land by the lake and the wide open ocean, from the Baltic to the French Atlantic or the Australian Pacific; it informs their wonderful harmonies, their unexpected blend of funk, soul, jazz and singer-songwriter. Real Berlin indie folk, in fact, obstinate but also populist. Their primarily German lyrics evoke a world of water but also of air – of comets in house-high waves battling jetlag while making resolutions for the following day – all this somehow comprehensible without the need to understand a skerrick of german.
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