"My Best experiences...the most soul-nourishing as well as financially viable, house concerts are a direction I would really like to pursue further" - HCA artist Little Wise (Sophie Klein)



If you struggle to find well paying gigs in front of a listening audience and  

You have dates in your tour planning you need to fill and  

Want to keep 100% of ticket and merchandise sales so you can cut your tour accommodation costs to $0 then your exactly where you need to be.  

By not actively pursuing House Concerts you are limiting your progress as a performing musician. The intimate nature of a house concert leaves a deeper impact on audiences, drastically increasing your fan base and merchandise sales

What do our artists and hosts say?

"I so enjoyed my first House Concerts Australia hosting experience! Sophie's gig was wonderful...She arrived to my home a stranger and left with a heap of new friends and fans." - Jane K, Host

Concert offer within 12 hours of joining HCA!

Within 12 hours of joining, Tim (representing artist Bradley Stone) was offered a concert on our private members facebook group for his upcoming tour in August next month!

"I try to support our artists as much as I can and I also host! My wife and I had an awesome evening listening to Daniel Champagne perform for us in our backyard!" - Michael MacManus, House Concerts Australia Principal



A note from Michael MacManus, House Concerts Australia Principal:

“Hi everyone! I’m a performing musician just like yourself and I know first hand how difficult it can be to make performing a full time career! 

I'm here to support you!

I am a Master of Music Performance graduate from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and I am a Local Heroes Artist at the Melbourne Recital Centre where I perform with the Melbourne Guitar Quartet. 

I am the co-artistic director of the Melbourne International Guitar Festival held at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (now the Southern Hemisphere’s largest annual classical guitar festival and competition) and I co-founded the Melbourne Guitar Foundation (MGF). The MGF is a social enterprise to present performing and educational opportunities to Australian players and promote the classical guitar in Australia.

I see House Concerts Australia as an amazing platform which is empowering musicians right across Australia and builds on my mission to support fellow performing musicians.

I have invested an enorous amount of money and time into building House Concerts Australia, and we currently have over 800 active Hosts registered with us! This is changing the landscape of live music in Australia and I am proud to be leading this positive movement. We are growing every day!  

How long do I need to play for?

Generally a house concert is either:  

- One long set without intermission (approx 60min total duration, includes talking to audience, tuning etc. So about 45mins of music)  

- 2 sets with an intermission (usually 30-40min sets)  


What do you get as a House Concerts Australia artist?

The ability to private message all of our over 800 hosts Australia-wide via our interactive map and database

Access to our private facebook group for hosts and artists

The option of free meals and accommodation with many of our hosts

Amazing support from Michael and a community of music lovers

A profile on our artists page

PLUS don't forget! You keep 100% of ticket and merchandise sales!

How are you able to offer this and still be commission free??

Artists pay a small yearly subscription fee to register on our website, starting from only $20 per month, paid annually. This allows me to continue building our host list and making important website upgrades and adding new features! It also allows me to spend the time needed to ensure House Concerts Australia continues to improve!  

Why so cheap?

I love the idea that an artist can pay for their full years membership from their first booking. With access to an ever growing host database and community like ours, how many house concerts could you book in an entire year?

How much can I expect to make from a house concert?

The average house concert pays between $300 - $800. In other words, 15 - 40 guests at $20 each. Some of our artists have made close to $3000 from a single concert. We recommend between $15-$30pp for a house concert

100% money back guarantee

I stand by the value House Concerts Australia offers, and if you decide it isn't for you, let me know within 21 days and I will personally guarantee you a 100% refund. That's my promise to you!  


I don't advertise this on the website, it's a special offer just for you. Our artists have the greatest success booking concerts with a level three premium featured membership! And I want to see you have the best success. 

If you use this code "mygift" you can have a 12 month level three premium featured membership for only $297!

Special features exclusive to a level three membership include:

- You get immediate email notification whenever a new host signs up! So you can be the first to contact them! (email notification settings can be adjusted in your account) - Your profile appears in the highest category on the ARTISTS page and you can include Social Media Icon links (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram), TWO embedded videos and 3 soundcloud players on your profile page! - I am also launching an interactive booking calendar in August, and level three artists will get automatic notification whenever a performance request is listed on the calendar! This is a special feature no-one knows about yet! - Finally, each month I select a level 3 artist to be our featured artist of the month! This month it is Jeremiah Johnson! It could be you next month!

Since this is a special offer I will be LIMITING THIS CODE TO THE FIRST 5 USES. It won't be available for long!

Did you just skip right to the bottom? Don't worry, I do that too! The code is listed in the section above :)

So take action my friend and let me help you boost your performance career!

Further Questions?

Contact HCA Director Michael 24/7 via 0402446216

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