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New to hosting in WA!

New to hosting in WA!

Hi there!

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  I’m Michele. New to this but keen to help upcoming artists any way I can.  Probably can do an audience of 10+. Have accommodation, and a great private back yard with a closed in conservatory if it’s wet.  I’m new to Perth (Rockingham) and slowly collecting friends who all need to hear live music!  So it may be a bigger group as time goes on.

Anyway. Hope to meet some of you soon.    cheers for now!  Michele

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  1. Lovely to meet you Michele! @dawn-barrington , @katie-j-white and @micko are based over in WA and @jeremiahjohnsonbizgmail-com is planning to tour WA sometime. One of them may be interested in playing for you 🙂 Welcome to the House Concerts Australia family!

    1. Hi Michael. Great to finally be part of the HCA life!! Thanks for the heads up on a few artists. Will message them and see what develops.
      Cheer. Michele

  2. HI there Michele
    I have sent you a private message. With kind regards Dawn :O)

    1. Hi Dawn, thanks, i’ll reply via your PM. cheers Michele

  3. I’ll send you a message just now:)

  4. I cant find how to private message you Michelle. I’m new to this too! Please message me so I can respond. x

    1. Hi @katie-j-white, welcome aboard! I’ll schedule a call with you shortly to walk you through how HCA works in more detail. In the meantime, I suggest you have a look at our how-to-guides located here to help get you started: https://www.houseconcertsaustralia.com/how-to-guide-for-hosts/
      Best wishes!

  5. Hi Michele, I will be over that neck of the Jarrah Forest in April next year if you’re interested! I’d be absolutely keen to play a concert for you!

    1. Hi there Jeremiah. Wow you plan way in advance!!, that’s great!. Yes sounds like it would work, but i’m not exactly sure of dates for next April atm. Have you got dates in mind? I’m not sure what I need to be asking you??…eek!! haha. Your price? are you solo? depending how big your bus is, you can park on the front lawn. Anyway, lets get something arranged. Great to talk with you. Cheers for now Michele xo

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