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Sweet Ade in Tarnagulla

Sweet Ade in Tarnagulla

The fabulous  Melbourne based jazz band “Sweet Ade” came to the tiny  Central Victorian Goldfield’s town of Tarnagulla  last Saturday afternoon.   The local townspeople were delighted to see the hall being utilized again and  resounding with toe-tapping , lively music.  It was such a fun and bright concert that appealed to all ages. Everyone was so grateful to the band for coming such a long distance.  It was particularly delightful to see the young children dancing along with the older audience.  Many of these children hadn’t had an opportunity to see all these instruments and enjoy the experience of live music.   Thanks Sweet Ade.  You were great.

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely review, Rachel and most of all for your hard work in making this event happen. It’s wonderful to see the historic Victoria Theatre being used again and I hope that will continue and flourish. We loved our trip to your little town and would be happy to do it again!

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